Crypto Currency Backed By Influencer

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Cryptocurrencies have a big future,” Bannon told CNBC on Friday. “They could be a very important part going forward, particularly in this global populist revolt.”
“I think what people need to confront now and people start looking at, is how the Chinese and Third World countries in sub-Saharan Africa, in South Asia and I think potentially in South America, are starting to put these payment systems in that are going to kind of give them, try to give them, global dominance and be able to get off the reserve currency of the dollar,” Bannon said.

Steve Bannon, whose influence helped Donald Trump win the White House, disagrees with the president on bitcoin.

Candlestick Patterns Review

Daily ended a reversal upside inverted, meaning she will move lower before pick up.

Bitcoin weekly end with a reversal indecision patterns and cited a double bottom formation. Can see that coins are very positively heading for the 13800 level within this week or so.

European Indices

GDAX 30 – Daily cited the a bear inverted pattern and not close to recover yet.

Weekly cited a reversal indecision pattern and is a recovery bar. Most probably will see the market will sart to recover mid week.

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