BTC Correcting near $7300

Which level is BTC correcting?

From the way she is correcting base on the reason high between $8600 to $9000 the BTC will bounce up near $7400 or befire $7300 that makes up 60% correction.

This might take till probably till mid week according to the weekly chart star formation.

Weekly chart last week red indecision pattern but more to a bear inverted because the leg is longer.

Next week we will expect to see BTC and probabky altcoin to move lower before mid week before bouncing up.

If she go lower first then the price will move even lower the week after next.

If she move higher first and settle lower then we will have a long up side that firms a bull inverted.

Lets see what happen within this 2 day. Lets hope sha move higher a settle lower, so that the week after next we can see some upside surge

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