Another Bitcoin Suicider

According to news source the duo have demand more and cause hu. To suicide. Bitcoin trader Bharat Patel from India, hanged himself on Sunday, leaving a suicide note for his widow; after being threatened by senior police in relation to losses he incurred whilst trading crypto assets on their behalf. The duo only traded 5BTC and demand for a double in return. WOW. Anything can happen when investor are not well inform and trader are not well verse with trading.

Anyway on Monday, the SEC delayed its decision regarding the VanEck (an ETF provider) Bitcoin ETF application again. The new deadline for the decision supposing is August 19 and accirding to the news sources that it migt be delayed as long till October.

According to cryptonews source, if approved, VanEck would be allowed to list the first ETF in the U.S. that is fully backed by “physical” bitcoins in its reserves, which is believed by many to be a huge catalyst for the price of bitcoin.

Case study on the Bitcoin today looks not promissing where Digial Chip stock-fall may affect the to fall too. Just be cautious of the turnaround.

Day chart posted a hanging man candlestick patterns but this is more like a corrective inverted pattern. And might push the price lower to around $6000

Despite doji on weekly last week chart. She might have complete the upside adjustment and may go for a price correction.

Today range may seems the upside has no more energy and volumn to push her higher. Maybe investor and trader are waiting below the $6500 level.

Juat be cautious.

Be back for more update.

Happy Trading.

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