Create Your Own Cryptocurrencies.

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$5854 No Invitation– $5854 or more in 3 months.

This is Not Spam. Is something good to look at if you suffer losses from trading most of the time, family and properties

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Today on Candlestick Patterns Reading, Income Stream, Charity Navigator, make money online. We are on Charity Marathon Spillover from top, bottom, left and right. Issue on Money, Make Money and Reward.

(If they don’t do the mlm alike Partnership Fundraising system, how long you want the ill Children to wait).
(Survey shows only 3% human being will donate and won’t ask for reward).

Trader, Newbies or Oldies.
Always follow the calculated time specified xx45 in any hour and don’t trade on other timing as in xx28 minute to xx45 minute.
This are the timing will hold you and difficult to execute and face losses.
Don’t Trade on and before 45 minute during data report event.
Don’t trade 45 miute before and after any exchange open and closing.
Enter any hour, the 45 mins after or before on the above mention event and
Close within xx54 to xx27, once you see xx.xx profit just take it out, because there isn’t bonus everyday.
Can’t focus, Ego Moody day and No time, Don’t Trade.
Family around don’t trade. Family comes first. Otherwise you will suffer more than losses.
Face losses most of the time or big time. Take a long break. I would recommend you to Go for fund-raising like Charity Marathon Partnership.
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April 23rd, Asia markets mixed as investors grapple with rising oil prices, while Europe markets slightly lower as investors brace for earnings deluge; Thomas Cook up 15% and Dow futures edge higher after US ends all exemptions from Iran oil sanctions.

Under the Supertrends, expert says: It’s not ‘unreasonable’ for businesses to create and use their own cryptocurrencies.

The possibility that multinational firms may create and transact in their own cryptocurrencies is not “unreasonable” in the medium term, according to one blockchain expert.

“What we’re seeing really is the democratization of money so you know, if you and I wanted to, we could create a CNBC coin,” said Gavin Brown, co-founder and director at venture capital firm, Blockchain Capital, at the Credit Suisse Global Supertrends Conference in Singapore. “Within three hours, we could have it up and running, and when we transact with people, we could request that we do it using that particular coin.”

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Note:”80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money”


User: I have been trading with plus500, etoro and bullionV since 2012. Overrall great app, great service and no complain till today from my side.

(This are the build-in traffic program

Case Study 1. DAX / GER30 The day chart posted a corrective inverted candlestick pattern and may lower today.

Weekly posted a full indecision candlestick pattern and more to a corrective reversal pattern. Caution: This bar might not go down the whole week.

At about 3:50pm (HK/SIN) hourly posted a corrective inverted hammer and I do a sell short

Close out at about 4:37pm (HK/SIN) when cited a gravestone candlestick pattern

Collect little to prevent any break out

Be back for more updates

Thank you


Article Source from CharityMarathon WholeWorld international Children Charity Fund

I am on the 35 day and 55 day-left on this CharityMarathon Project. I will let you know what happen soon. Presently I have 9 lower line and a dollar. 90 day goal is $5854.00

Article Source from CharityMarathon WholeWorld international Children Charity Fund

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Periodic Webinars

Every week, we organize for you public news conferences with the participation of the Company’s management and training webinars where you can acquire the necessary knowledge on how to work with ‪#‎WholeWolrd‬ and put questions that you are interested in directly to the Management Board!

Follow the schedule of these online events in the News section of the Whole World’s official website and official groups in social networks.

The recordings made during the important trainings and conferences are available to watch in the Knowledge Base at and on our official YouTube channel:


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