Currency Crisis

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Trader, Newbies or Oldies.
Always follow the calculated time specified xx45 in any hour and don’t trade on other timing as in xx28 minute to xx45 minute.
This are the timing will hold you and difficult to execute and face losses.
Don’t Trade on and before 45 minute during data report event.
Don’t trade 45 miute before and after any exchange open and closing.
Enter any hour, the 45 mins after or before on the above mention event and
Close within xx54 to xx27, once you see xx.xx profit just take it out, because there isn’t bonus everyday.
Can’t focus, Ego Moody day and No time, Don’t Trade.
Face losses most of the time or big time. Take a long break. Go for fund-raising like Charity Marathon Partnership.
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April 9th” Asia stocks mostly advance; oil prices continue gaining on highs on 9th Day of the month, while Euroupe Zone; European markets hold ground despite US tariff threat; Airbus down 1.9% and Treasury yields edge lower as investors turn cautious over earnings, tariffs .

Did you know The world’s worst-performing currency could slip into ‘crisis’ mode later this year.

Renewed market volatility in Argentina could spark another currency crisis, analysts have told CNBC, as the recession-hit country prepares for presidential elections toward the end of the year.

Article share from The Exchange by Kelly Evans that you may also subscribe from.


Heck, this could be a whole new business model for Tesla.

The Financial Times is reporting that Fiat Chrysler will pay Tesla “hundreds of millions” of euros so that it can count Tesla vehicles as part of its own fleet in order to avoid paying fines for violating emissions rules.

Let’s go through this again: Fiat Chrysler is apparently facing EU emissions rules that get stricter next year, allowing just 95 grams of output per kilometer, according to Autoblog. Per the Wall Street Journal, “Fiat Chrysler is the only company so far behind it would have to pay fines, according to research by brokerage UBS last week.” So the company joined an “open pool” that Tesla created for automakers to join in late February for this very purpose.

Autoblog says Toyota and Mazda did the same thing, but Toyota owns 5% of Mazda, whereas Fiat and Tesla have no ownership overlap.

Or maybe this is already part of Tesla’s business model. The FT and the WSJ report that the company made nearly $400 million from selling electric vehicle credits it earned in the U.S. over the past two years. Then again, the “super credits” Fiat is buying access to from Tesla are set to disappear after 2022.

The Journal says a tie-up between Fiat and Peugeot is a possible permanent solution for Fiat, and that its “flirtation” with Tesla may be leverage in that merger game.

Tesla, meanwhile, could surely use the cash. This could certainly help them buy time to get mass Model 3 production right by the time Europe’s “super credits” disappear–assuming supply constraints are their biggest challenge, as opposed to some of the weak demand issues that have emerged lately.

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User: I have been trading with plus500, etoro and bullionV since 2012. Overrall great app, great service and no complain till today from my side.

(This are the build-in traffic program

Case Study 1. Cited Dax/Ger30 posted a positive indecision candlestick pattern and a inverted candlestick pattern. Bought long at 8:47am (UK)

Close at 9:48am (UK). Result as below show.

Case Study 2 . Sell Shirt at about 1:48pm (UK) Chart show a corrective inverted candlestick pattern.

Close at 2:10pm (UK) and keeping the #455427 Strategy Plan. Result shown below.

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Article Source from CharityMarathon WholeWorld international Children Charity Fund

I am on the 21 day and 69 day-left on this CharityMarathon Project. I will let you know what happen soon. Presently I have 5 lower line and a dollar. 90 day goal is $5854.00

Article Source from CharityMarathon WholeWorld international Children Charity Fund

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Reason №2

Unique Concept

Without any doubts, Whole World is a unique and probably the only network project at such a level, the main goal of which is CHARITY!

And despite the fact that the concept of partnership fundraising was not established instantaneously, but only a year after the project’s start, today, Whole World (ex-Gold Line International) cannot be imagined otherwise.

Since October 2012, our company has been an official partner of the International Charitable Foundation, Whole World (, whereby has been intensively participating in the informational support of fundraising campaigns for the benefit of the ICCF Whole World and independently organizing such campaigns for the purposes of the Foundation’s charitable program.

Thanks to the efforts of our fundraisers, we have managed to send more than 720 000 USD to help children, and this is just the beginning… Indeed, the larger income is received by the ‪Whole World‬ participants every day, the more funds are sent to charity!


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