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Today on Candlestick Pattern Reading, Income Stream, Charity Navigator, make money online. We are on Charity Marathon Spillover from top, bottom, left and right. Issue on Money, Make Money and Reward.
Regards charity: (If they don’t do the mlm system, how long you want the Children to wait).
Regards charity: (Survey shows only 3% human being will donate and help).
Trader, Newbies or Oldies.
Always follow the calculated time specified xx45 in any hour and don’t trade on other timing as in xx28 minute to xx45 minute.
Those are the timing will hold you and difficult to execute and face losses. (xx28 to xx45)
Don’t Trade on and before 45 minute during data report event.
Don’t trade 45 miute before and after any exchange open and closing.
Enter specific hour at the 45 mins after or before on the above mention event or foreign exchange open/close and
Close within xx54 to xx27, once you see x.xx / xx.xx profit just take it out, because there isn’t bonus everyday.
No focus and No time, Don’t Trade.

April 05″ Trump says ‘we’ll know over the next four weeks’ if a China trade deal happens Thursday, Stocks in Asia edge up as investors eye US-China trade developments; over in Euro Zone,European markets mixed as US and China push back timing of a possible deal; Saipem shares rise 4%.

Before you start buying cryptocurrency, though, consider the advice of Peter Mallouk, certified financial planner and president of wealth management firm Creative Planning: “What we’re going to see, most likely, is, we’re going to see cryptocurrencies collapse.”

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A great sign for the U.S. economy in the jobless claims data this morning.

Jobless claims–or new weekly claims for unemployment insurance–are my “desert island” indicator…were I stuck on an island and could only have access to one data point on the U.S. economy, this would be my pick. It’s got a long history and has been a great leading indicator of downturns and expansions.

Lately, economists have been a touch concerned about a slight upward trend (~230,000) in the series, even though claims overall remain at very low levels. This morning, the series plunged to a level of just 202,000–the lowest yet for this expansion and in fact the lowest since 1969! The four-week moving average also slid to 214,000, the lowest since last September. No special factors were cited as a reason, so it’s unlikely to be an aberration.

This comes after a couple of choppy payroll reports (the meager 20,000 jobs added in February plus ADP’s private-sector miss yesterday), and the March report is due out tomorrow morning. But jobless claims are telling us that there is no real pickup in layoff activity. The U.S. labor market remains super strong.

The news from abroad is less encouraging. Germany just saw a huge drop in factory orders–more than a 4% drop just in February from the prior month! That means orders are down more than 8% from a year earlier, the worst reading since 2009. And this comes after the awful Markit flash manufacturing report that was consistent with Germany’s economy contracting at around a 1% pace.

The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield, torn by these twin developments, remains around 2.5% this morning. But as Sri Kumar told us last week, unless the U.S. slows further, the yield is unlikely to fall much from here.

Note:”80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money”


User: I have been trading with plus500, etoro and bullionV since 2012. Overrall great app, great service and no complain till today from my side.

(This are the build-in traffic program

Will Update Soon

Candlestick Pattern Reading Case Study 1 on DAX / GER30. The Day chart is very positive that posted a bulls indecision candlestick pattern. Cited DAX / GER30 is still heading higher despite price consider over too high for the week.

Bought at 8:45/49 (UK) when spotted bull inverted candlestick pattern after the correction

Still did not close at about 12pm (UK) and optimistic about the US Data at 1:30pm (UK). Cited a positive indecision candlestick pattern

Will see result later

Case Study 2 on Bitcoin. If I did not close out position 4 days ago the profit is not bad. Cautious. Do not buy long when price is consider high at this moment.

Weekly is at August 2017 level and may go up a little more to touch the nearest resistance before making ways to create direction

Wednesday chart

Saturday position

Be back for more updates

Thank you


Today and there won’t be a Random Spillover accept the normal Massive Spillover and I am on the 75day-left on this CharityMarathon Project. I will let you know what happen soon. Presently I have 3 lower line and a dollar. 90 day goal is $5854.00

Article Source from CharityMarathon WholeWorld international Children Charity Fund

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