Bitcoin’s Bulls

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Today on CSIR-Candle Stick Improve Reading, Income Stream and on STS issue. Never use the wrong calculating timing other than the 45-5427 Strategy to enter a position.

European markets close week higher; chip makers best performers. President Trump; In his first veto, rejects bill that would block his border emergency and Dow rises more than 100 points, S&P 500 posts best weekly gain since November.

Venezuela’s electricity crisis could trigger ‘serious disruption’ to the oil market, IEA warns while Europe turns its concerns to China’s growing clout as Xi visits. Fundstrat’s Tom Lee said, Another bitcoin bull market is coming in 2019.

Why Pomp Thinks You Should ‘Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers’

“It is a fact that there is more crime and bad acting in the legacy financial system, compared to the crypto system,” he says. “Bloomberg recently reported that approximately USD 2 trillion is laundered annually in USD and we have seen headline after headline in the last 6 months about the billions of dollars of fraud and nefarious activity facilitated by legacy banks.”

CSIA Reading for Bitcoin March 16.

Daily posted a a reversal but speculator have push the price higher before the correction today. If this inverted candke persist the price will still go up tomorrow.

Not forgeting weekly posted a double bottom and prices is likely to come down this week.

Case Study at London Time 1pm.

The price fell and touches the second support, of 50% of today correction. I will buy up at 1:45pm and close within 1:54pm to 2:27pm. Cautious this bar is a bear invered bar normally I will do a sell short.

2:27pm if the price move too slow. We may wait till 2.47pm. The previous bar show a bull inverted candle.

3:27pm Don’t forget the 2 bars away the bear inverted candle to be service. So she will correct even further. Previous day bar have a bear reversal. But if this 1 hour bar creates a double bottom the price may bounce up and erase the 3 bars away bear inverted.

4:27pm London Time she rebounce after forming the double bottom and hit the 2 support again.

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