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U.S.-China Talks Are Making ‘Headway,’ Trump Adviser Says

The Trump administration is making “headway” in trade negotiations with China, the top White House economic adviser said Sunday, brushing off reports suggesting diminishing prospects for a deal and push-back from Beijing.

“We’re making great progress,” Larry Kudlow said on “Fox News Sunday,” adding that he was “optimistic” President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping of China would meet to ink a trade pact at some point — possibly in March or April.

Europe higher ahead of crucial Brexit votes; Commerzbank-Deutsche Bank shares surge on merger reports

Today on Candle -Stick Improve analysis on Contract for differenve trading. “Talk of more stimulus from China helped world share markets regain some ground on Monday after a slew of concerning economic data and growth warnings from central banks triggered their worst weekly performance so far this year.

Week Ahead: After mysterious lack of new jobs, slew of US data will be a big deal.

Taking SP500 Reading. She posted a bear reversal candle stick Friday for the prvious day bull reversal and a bear inverted. Meaning Monday news can be very bad and may lower further. Caution during Retail report at 12:30pm london lunch hour.

Weekly Reading for SP500. SHE posted a bear inverted and more to a bull reversal. We may see a plunge before pick up during mid week maybe.

Good news is HSI has posted a bullish engulfing candle which cover the previous day bear indecision candle. This may help the US spot, tomorrow Asia and futures open. We might see some recovery perhaps starting the US session.

And China50 posted a morning star and will help the European and US session too.

Today event base on Singapore Time.

Follow by the next 45 mins and close within the xx54 to xx27.

Next trade 1245 pm during London Lunch hour.

1:45pm London Time (Buy and close within xx54 to xx27) See 2 figure for small trader and close them fast, there no bonus everyday).

Last trade: 3:45pm London Time.

From Previous day on GBP/USD

March 12 Candle-Stick Reading.

China markets get off to strong start; pound jumps as Theresa May secures Brexit concession

Euro zone may not like it. Just like loossing some kind of wealth.

HSI is strong before noon. But cautious of reversal reading despite of previous day engulfing bar. European zone may do a reverse. Cautious

Australia already not doing well this morning. Spot Session close with a bull inverted candle and might help the Euro Zone to bulls up early session but we have to see what the Asia end up later during UK early session.

This closing may boost up Asia during the closing and may cause US session to correct downwards before pull up. Market will be trading range while waiting for May’s vote. Cautious.

DAX reading is 3 point morning star that will be bullish for a start not forgetting report event before lunch hour London. This morning start carries a last night bear inverted. We may experience a open high but correction behaviour.

The different in ROME that posted a bear inverted candle during finish. This is more to a correction reaction today before mid day.

UK posted a bull inverted that may help the whole situation upside. Finished the previous day bear inverted despite a hanging man candle stick. Her closing has given a huge space to rally that may pulls up the Euro zone.

Good News Asia HSI close with a bull inverted candle and will affect the Euro Zone, UK mid session, US session and the Asia futures session.

Entering position at.

8:45am London Time Buy long and close within xx54 to xx27.

9:45am next session

Pound surges as UK Prime Minister May secures Brexit assurances

GBP /USD reading posted a bear reversal and may correct down early UK session before ging back up..

EUR/USD and USD/JPY posted a bull inverted and may bulls up today.

Be back for more updates on the next post.

Thank you.



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