First To Break

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Stay tune of Crypto YīGuìMén coming soon converted from Crypto Equipment.

Today on Contract for Difference Trading we read on Oil, Gold Coins and Weed. Later on Dax, Other Cfd Indices and Currency. Hope to post the “spot that scam” on HYIP soon this week.

Before that let me share the news of that might affect the auto stocks next week despite the tariff issue.

Nissan says its electric car has become the first to break 400,000 in sales

Japanese car giant Nissan ompact hatchback called Leaf has become the first electric car to exceed 400,000 in sales.

In an announcement Thursday, the business said the landmark figure had solidified the Leaf’s “leading role in the global shift toward more sustainable mobility.”Since its launch in 2010, owners of the vehicle have, in total, driven over 10 billion kilometers. Nissan added that the number of Leaf cars sold since its launch was enough to have saved 3.8 million barrels of oil annually.

US crude falls 1 percent, settling at $56.07, after weak US jobs report

Oil Reading posted a bear inverted hammer and she has a unfinish bull inverted to service before plunge further Monday.

Weekly Reading posted a hirami doji candle stick but cired a double top formation before the doji. The price is still plunging next week. Always cautious of report event that comes the way.

Gold breaches $1,300 mark as weak US jobs data dents dollar

Gold Reading posted a bear reversal candle signal that looks like a bull inverted. She says she might open higher and bearish for the rest of the day or perhaps after US exchange open.

Weekly Reading posted a inverted hammer which looks like a hanging man pehaps the bear is short and wanting to touch the second support before she picks up mid or end week.

GBP/USD posted for someone and hope he sees it.

March 11, Asia, futures reading.

Asia trades mixed amid growing concerns over global growth.

Australia & HSI mid session reading posted a bull inverted doji and candle stick and may help the Euro Zone to open higher.

DAX and Europe50 futures traded morning higher before the German open. DAX close with a bear inverted Friday and we may see she ooen higher and correct lower before picking up.

Wait a minute. DAX weekly reading cited a double bottom formation since her last close Friday. We will see German will be leading the bulls this week.

Italy Friday Reading posted a indecision and may open higher due to Asia and Europe futures movement.

Weekly Reading have a simillar reading as the DAX weekly chart.

UK reading posted a hanging man candle stick and weekly posted a morning star formation since Friday close

We can get into buy position at 45mins after London Exchange open. Close between xx54 to xx27 the next hour.

Be back for more updates on USD/JPY, EUR/USD, US Index, Cannabis Stock Indexand Monday Data Report Event in the next post

Thank you.


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