Autonomous Technologies

German auto giants BMW and Daimler team up to develop self-driving technologies

Daimler and the BMW Group are to work together on automated driving technologies.
In an announcement on Thursday, the auto giants said their initial focus would be on the development of “next-generation technologies” for automated driving on highways, driver assistance systems and parking features.

Trump agreed to nothing with North Korea — and completely defied the experts

As U.S. and North Korean delegations geared up for a second summit between their two leaders, many analyst predictions were identical.

Both sides, the experts said in published notes and interviews, would pocket some easy wins during the two days of meetings in Hanoi, Vietnam — but nothing major would happen.

The HSI closed with a bear indecision candle stick doji but a previous day bull inverted to complete. Is more like a open bear or unchange and recover back up

European markets little changed as Trump-Kim summit ends abruptly; Zalando…

Italy closes with a a indecision candle but with a reversal candle alike. And with a double bottom. She will open higher and correct downwards before she move up further

German30 posted a bear inverted candle which may open unchange or lower before move up further. She has a double bottom formation too.

European markets set for an optimistic open; politics in focus

This may help the Asian futures to open unchange and move upside.

Mainland China shares mixed after data show Chinese manufacturing shrank for third straight month

The Australian close on the spot trade with a reversal inverted and may see the Europe open unchange or higher. Will swim down before pick up again.

The UK posted a hanging man alike candle and a bear inverted hammer we may see a little correction and swing back up since she already complete the correction for the day before last night.

Dollar scales 10-week high vs yen on upbeat US GDP

USD/JPY posted a bear inverted last night and may see a correction today.

EUR/USD will shine today. She posted a dragonfly doji last night.

GBP/USD bar has a bull reversal ending and will see she will push up higher today and complete her previous day incomplete bull inverted candle stick.

The coins reversly posted a bull dragon fly last night and hopefully

Dow rallies 200 points as Wall Street’s roaring start to 2019 continues

Her chart forms a double bottom since last 2 day of bear inverted which have already make correcrion since futures morning. We will see a bulls up rally today. Becautious of the bear inverted bar last night posted.

Be back for more updates and I saw oil hit the weekly resisitance point which is the selling point

The oil touches the double top in her weekly post and we will see a correction downwards today.

Double top formation cited.

Gold posted a red bull indecision more to a reversal bull candle stick for past 2 day and will correct up her unfinish retracement.

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