Crypt-it-on X-Mate Foldable 5G

Image Huawei’s Mate X

By Benjamin Hall | CNBC

Huawei launched a foldable smartphone on Sunday, striking back at Samsung just days after it launched the first consumer-ready foldable device.

Huawei launched the Mate X at an event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Chinese tech giant said the phone will start at a whopping price of 2299 euros (approximately $2600), and will be available in the middle of 2019. That price tops the high end of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which will sell for an eye-popping $1980, as well as Apple’s premium iPhones.

Huawei’s Mate X

Trump is right that the US risks losing the 5G race, Huawei chairman says

President Trump is right that the U.S. risks being left behind on 5G, Huawei’s rotating chairman said on Sunday in Barcelona.

Speaking at a roundtable with media on Sunday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Guo Ping said he had noticed President Trump’s tweets saying the U.S. should adopt 5G “as fast as possible” and the U.S. should not “block out” more advanced technologies

What does President Trump means of Huawei spying on Europe or US.

His meaning is simple. The hint is ‘Copy Cat’. Chinese student have really travel all over the world for study and upgrading.

They have learn and put their study into action. The only way to stop them from spying and copy-cat is to stop the University or upgrading school from taking anymore foreign student. Then this copy-cat or spying issue will stop forever.

Don’t you think so?

Then all country will be earning from each other. Economic will remain unchange. No foreign income. Everybody will be happy growing their own crop, fruits and food.

The answer is impossible if we still want to earn an income from all over the world.

This is no longer the 18 nor the 19.

Is an internet, crypto and blockchain world now.

The world is sharing ideas and improving their community.

The world now, is what you Create and you make the first hand.

But we can’t ban or stop someone that improve and upgrade them.

Is a competative world now.

If the country needs an income they still got no choice to bring in foreign student and income, perhaps the genius into their country and build the family there.

This is just my opinion. What say you?

Aussie rises after Trump delays China tariffs; yuan at 7-month high

The USD/JPY forms a inverted bar in her weekly post will move up but weak. Day chart with a weak doji will range upwards.

GBP/USD hope she will help the coins a little . The weekly post a morning star formation look alike and a bull inverted bar. Friday end with a spin-on-too doji, might see a low first before a pick up during European open.

The coins post a correction but this correction is more to a bear signal dispite a bull reversal candle stick post. She will go back up 30% to near 50% but we may expect another plunge today.

Weekly post a bear reversal before Sunday. This hope may go beyond below the unexpected. Be cautious.

The US and China may be nearing a trade deal. That won’t stop the global economic slowdown

The Australia posted a doji today before she start her futures trading. We will see a bull surge in European open later today, perhaps the US exchange open.

But weekly shows there will be a minor correction this week from her bear inverted candle.

GDAX close with a indecision candle Friday and her weekly close. A surge up is expected after a minor correction last week.

Cindy Kate Team if your position is still holding last week. We may do a MOO immediate close when market open.

And you should be having this 4 digit result from a etoro small account

Note:”80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money”

User: I have been trading with plus500, etoro and bullionV since 2012. Overrall great app, great service and no complain till today from my side.

Italy close with a bull inverted Friday but we won’t expect a huge bull. Weekly post a spin-on-top candle. May expect another strong green bar this week.

UK posted a dragonfly doji and more like a bull inverted hammer day candle stick despite a bear indecision candle which may expect to see her lower first before a pick up this week.

In this situation open high correct lower. We can buy long at 45 mins after UK european open and close with the range between xx54 to xx27 and depends. See 3 to 4 digit, we may close out ASAP.

We may buy again at the 45 mins at the next hour if the bar is not too high and close at the same timing between xx54 to xx27.

Small small collection will add up secure positive figure.

In case you are stuck you may close out at between xx37 to xx47 when the trend changes.

If you make a small collection just now we may buy up at the 45 mins and close at between xx54 to xx27. (The 45/27 minute strategy system)

Other then that come back for another trade at 45 mins before the US exchange open. Is a buy up position and close at between xx54 to xx27.

Next trade is 1 hour 15 mins after US exchange open. I did a buy and close within xx54 to xx57 mins.

Final trade at xx45 the 1 hour after European exchange close and might close within xx54 to xx27 or keep till next day.

Italy posted a bull inverted. GDAX hourly posted a double bottom.

Oil prices firm on hopes for US-China trade deal

Oil posted a inverted hammer on Friday and a bull indecision candle on her weekly close. Might aspect another bull week for oil. Not forgetting the incomplete double top formation before Friday

Gold gains as dollar sags against yuan on China tariffs delay

Gold has a inverted day and a weeķly inverted hammer. But this double bottom is a minor bull compare to his incomplete shooting star.

Dow futures rise more than 100 points as Trump delays tariff increase

But the chart shows a reversal in both of their day and week chart. The bear inverted candle.

The price may move higher when open but will correct downwards today. Cautious.

Be back for more update.

Thank you

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