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Superfluous for Yuan or is it necessary to be on par with the Dollar.

The US keeps demanding actions on the yuan that China wants to take anyway

U.S. negotiators are reportedly demanding China not devalue the yuan as a condition for any potential trade deal. Such a measure is likely to encounter little resistance from the Chinese: It’s actually in Beijing’s interest to have a stronger currency, experts told CNBC.

The yuan’s exchange rate against the dollar has been a repeated complaint from Donald Trump. In July of last year, the U.S. president told CNBCthat the Chinese currency had been “dropping like a rock” and that it was putting America at a “disadvantage.”

Since then, the yuan has strengthened about 1 percent against the greenback and Beijing has said the People’s Bank of China is pursuing a stronger currency.

The coins have cross over the $4000 mark since last night.

Bitcoin Traders Beware: Group of Robbers Gruesomely Torture

Bitcoin Traders Beware: Group of Robbers Gruesomely Torture Netherlands-Based Crypto Trader

It seems that each month a fresh story surrounding crypto-related scams and fraud surfaces, but the victims of these stories are typically isolated, and the scope of their victimhood is usually limited to financial losses. Despite this, one Bitcoin trader was recently attacked by a group of armed robbers who tortured him using gruesome tactics in front of his young daughter in an effort to extort him out of his BTC holdings.

This robbery took place earlier this month in the Netherlands and is putting a spotlight on the importance of public figures in the cryptocurrency industry keeping their identities and whereabouts private.

Wild Crypto Weekend: Sudden Rally Ends With Sharp Crash

The correction seems to be a sudden sharp move and day chart seems to have done with the correction but notice of a double top that might bring her lower for another day.

Weekly seems to have complete the 50% correction but will there be another swing downward and she might for a little before a pick up.

Be back for more updates.

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