Cryp-it-on 6G. Captain Marvel win Wonder Women?

Featured image : Marvel Studios

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, the first female superhero lead for Disney’s blockbuster comic book movie business, and ‘the most powerful character’ Marvel has come up with yet, according to the company’s president.

‘Captain Marvel’ presale tickets have already outpaced those of ‘Wonder
“Captain Marvel” is already smashing box-office records, and it hasn’t even hit theaters yet.

I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. US President Tweeted.

President Donald Trump sent a pair of bizarre tweets Thursday morning mentioning a “6G” wireless network and seemingly hinting that he could take a softer stance on Chinese telecom company Huawei.

Trump hints at a softer stance on Huawei in a bizarre ‘6G’ tweet, as China trade talks resume

If Huawei accepted by US President the cryptocurrencies might shoot above the roof too.

I see a double bottom formation for last 2 day and will see a bull swing today, despite a bear indecision candle stick. May correct a little and pick up later today.

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Today market
Asia markets mixed; Aussie dollar and coal mining stocks hit

Australia close with a bull inverted candle stick. Goid sign for European open today.

Dow falls 103 points, Nasdaq snaps 8-day winning streak on weak economic data

All the chart shows a bear indecision candle stick after a bear inverted candle stick previous day. Small correction have just complete. Will see a retracement later today during the US exchange open despite a open low situation.

European markets close lower amid weak earnings and economic data
But Italy close with a bear indecision candle after a hanging man look alike bear inverted hammer the day before last night. Double bottom is also spotted in here. Her small correction is done and going back up today.

GDAX posted a bear indecision after a bull inverted alike the previous day. She did not seems to fall a lot during her correction. Soace have created for the bull run despite will open low today.

Cindy Kate we will only take position after the European and UK exchange open.

We can buy long at 5:45pm (Spore Time) and exit within 5.54pm to 5.57pm. Due to Report Event. (Report posted below are base on Singapore Time zone).

Usually Funding Company will not allow you to enter position half an hour before and after an Report Event because of volatile movement that will kill any position within minute.

Always be cautious on those event

Sometime closing a position soon within that hour is better than we did not sell anything in a whole year in any online business we are in.

Everyday in our daily life we don’t trade in financial business. We might make losses as huge as what we trade in the financial business.

But we have to learn and do a trail ourself because practise make perfect.

After the Data Report if the positive news is green bar and point to enter to buy if it is not at the brim of the bar. We can buy at the pull back of 30 to about 50 percent. And exit within xx54 to xx27 the next hour.

Too high of price during that hour we don’t buy.

Come back to buy 45 mins before US exchange open and exit within xx54 to xx27 on any European Index.

Next will be 1hour 15 mins after the US exchange open exit within xx54 to xx27 the next hour.

And 1 hour after European close and exit within xx57 to xx27. Sometime might take 1 hour for this last trade or might not be able to close till Next day.

Dollar retains gains, Aussie finds footing after slide

Bear inverted hammer. Dollar may fall today

Both GBP and EUR forms a dragonfly bull candle. Will see a pick up and may help the coins to swing up today

Be back soon because I just saw Oil with a double top and Gold forms a shooting star.

Thank you


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