Lunar Chinese New Year

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Most Chinese Exchange is close today.

Asia left the Australia, Japan and other futures counter is trading.

The chart is positive with a spin on top doji which may hit higher during her open.

European stocks close mixed amid earnings; Wirecard shares jump 14%
European stocks closed in mixed territory Monday, as market participants monitored another flurry of corporate earnings results.


The European close seems positive.Italy close with a bull indecision candle and may open higher today.

GDAX with a dragonfly doji will open and go higher.

FTSE100 will go bull but may see some retracement later today.


Oil and gas stocks lift European markets amid earnings; Pandora shares…
European stocks were higher Tuesday morning, as market participants monitored a flurry of corporate earnings results.


When you see this hourly chart that is so high up. We will only enter at the next hour xx45 and close out the following hour at xx17 to xx27.

But if it is too high. Don’t do anything.

Forget oil: Here’s why gold is key to Venezuela’s crisis-stricken government
Gold is fast becoming indispensable to those clinging onto power in crisis-stricken Venezuela.~~~~~~~~~

Gold with a bear inverted may open and go bear before possible bull. Overall is still correcting.

Oil post a hammer and a hanging-man doji and go bull today after correction or all the way up.


The US may open and go high but will see some correction because Tech have a bull inverted bar.


Cindy Kate I will buy long in European or US index at 45 mins before US open and will exit at xx17 to xx27 before thr open; to prevent any price correction during the open.

But if the correction have started before the open we will exit after the opening either at xx47 or the next hour xx17 to xx27.

We will re-enter at xx45 at the next hour of opening. Market are still at the upside.


Cannabis index post a abandonrd-baby candle and is a reverse signal and will fall during her open and correct to her near support.


Abandoned Baby: Reversal pattern.

This candlestick pattern looks like it sounds, the parents have walked off and left the baby behind!

This is a reversal pattern which can occur at the end of a run in prices.

It is pretty rare to find, but it is pretty reliable when it does happen.

It happens over three candles, the middle candle is a doji which has gapped away from the previous candle. The final candle gaps back the opposite direction.

The gaps leave a clear distance between the shadow of the doji candle and both shadows of the first and third candle, leaving it abandoned.


Europe rallies to hit nine-week high on earnings; FTSE rises 2 percent

Italy close higher but with a bear inverted that will open unchange and correct downwards before retrace back up.

GDAX signal a reversal and would open unchange and correct lower.


Cindy Kate I will still buy an hour later after European close out the next hour at xx17 to xx27 and never keep over night for a reversal bar.

Be back for more updates

Thank you



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