Crypto Coin to Gold

Featured image: Getty Images.

Gold bullion bars and coins.

While most country and regulator are taking too long to undertand and patching up the clauses. Most investor have hedge their investment from crypto asset back to gold and forex or maybe to cannabis stock index and the stock herself.

For big time they have the asset and they know where to go.

How about the small timer like perhaps you and me. We have a little badget.

With $50 or less maybe we can squeeze out per month. I can recommend you to go for BV.

I am a affiliate and a small investor with this legit company where we can buy as small as 1 gram and can keep and sell at the same spot.

For more information you may click on this link BV to find out more.

I am not here to convince or write review about. But you may bookmark the link and find out later when you are ready.


Gold eases on strong US data, still on track for weekly gain
Gold slipped on Friday, weighed down by robust U.S. jobs data, but remained on course for a second week of gains buoyed by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s signal that it would pause its interest rate hikes.


Both daily and weekly Gold Chart posted a bull inverted bar and created more space for the upside next week.


Chinese stocks jump amid trade optimism; manufacturing data disappoints
Stocks in China saw strong gains on the first trading day of February as hopes rise for a U.S.-China trade deal. However, the country’s manufacturing data came in below expectations.

European stocks close higher amid earnings, US jobs report
European stocks closed higher Friday, as market participants monitored a flurry of corporate results and key economic reports.

Dow rises after strong jobs report, posts 6-week winning streak
The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted slight gains on Friday after the U.S. government released jobs growth data that easily beat expectations.


The chart ends with a doji after a previous day spin-on-top bar and market is showing a strong upwards bulls next week again.


Be back for more updates later.

Thank you



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