Bitcoin will go to zero ?

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Be healthy this is part of squaring off the scammers and theft.

My prediction the price will only be derive to where it started at US$300/.

Regulator are not so fast in patching the clause and terms.


  • The price of bitcoin could nosedive to zero, Jeff Schumacher, founder of BCG Digital Ventures, said during a CNBC-hosted panel at the Sanctuary in Davos.
  • The other panelists including Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, 500 Startups Partner Edith Yeung and North Island Chairman Glenn Hutchins, discussed the future of blockchain technology.
  • All agreed that the value of tokens will be derived from how useful the underlying protocol is.
The price of bitcoin could nosedive to zero, a top investor in the crypto space told CNBC during a debate, which focused on the future of the underlying technology known as blockchain.


Cboe pulls its long-awaited bitcoin ETF application amid a government shutdown

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  • Cboe Global Markets pulls its application for what would be the first-ever bitcoin exchange traded fund, or ETF.
  • An approval by the SEC would allow VanEck and SolidX Partners to list a fund on Cboe’s BZX exchange.
  • VanEck’s founder and CEO, Jan Van Eck, tells CNBC they plan to refile but can’t answer many of the SEC’s questions until the government reopens.
  • ————————————————–The SEC rejected a second attempt by Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss, founders of crypto exchange Gemini, to list shares of a separate bitcoin ETF this summer. The financial watchdog cited concerns over investor protection, fraud and manipulation of bitcoin, especially since much of the trading is done in unregulated offshore markets.


Asia close with a bull inverted and will gap up tomorrow.

China50 and Nikkei225 last night posted a doji after the correction yesterday. This doji might recover till before European open and European open might open and correct further before positive pickup because US closed with a positive doji bar last night.

European close. Italy posted with a positve doji after the previous day indecision / inverted bar. Will open lower and correct up.

GDAX has a doji and I did not hold overnigh. She will open higher and worries that the Rome and UK might open low.

UK post a indecision bar that might correct much more lower before she pick up at mid session until US open.

Cindy I will only buy 45 mins later after UK spot open and close at xx17 or xx27 for 2 to 3 round with same enter timing for each 2 to 3 hour and exit at the timing given.

Coin Forex Gold Oil

Coin posted a indecision after a inverted bar the previous day. Will recover a little. Hopefully there is a little volumn or else she will still congess at the same area.

USD/JPY has inverted bar and will retrace up a little and GBP/USD has a bear reversal and may correct downwards today after a great day yesterday.

Gold & Oil posted a negative indecision bar and would have to go bear before any possible pick up

US close with a green indecision bar which upside is potential during Asia open.

Cindy I will enter 45 min before Us open and close out between xx17 to xx27.

Enter another 45 mins after open at settle between xx17 to xx27nthe next hour

Enter 45 mins before and after European close. Settle between xx17 to xx27 before close uo for today.

End day Asia close with a hirami doji and is expected to go another day of bull for Friday.

End day Europe close with a inverted but more to a correction reversal before pick up

Looks like to buy xx45 an hour after the close due to Asia doji or hanging man and Europe will open high and lower for correction.

Be back for more updates.

Thank you



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