What she saw and what we don’t? Does people now have a better idea of what leaving the European Union really means?

Does people now have a better idea of why a stronger security and wall means?

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Asia close with a doji which will open higher during morning Asia futures session

Asian stocks trade lower amid concerns about the global economic outlook

European posted a hammer which will open higher before possible correction and pickup for the day

GDAX are with a more like a hammer and bear inverted bar. She will open high alittle or unchange and plunge lower. Partly due to Asia economy fear.

I have to MOO my position that I bought 45mins after European close.

Theresa May makes last-ditch Brexit bid to win over UK lawmakers

The U.K. leader again refused to rule out a “no-deal” exit as a possibility and rejected the idea of a second referendum.


British Prime Minister Theresa May announced tweaks to her much-maligned Brexit deal on Monday, in the hope of winning over lawmakers who overwhelmingly rejected her proposals last week.

A major sticking point to her withdrawal deal is an agreement to ensure no hard border returns between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Some Brexiteers feel that “backstop” could be used by Brussels as a means to keep Britain within the EU while the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is nervous it would lead to Northern Ireland being treated differently from the rest of the U.K.

UK closes with a hammer which is more to a bear inverted bar. Futures were lowered the whole morning till after lunch. This negativity will prolong till mid US session.


  • In October, the IMF cut its global growth forecasts on the back of increased trade tariffs between China and the United States.
  • It said the latest revision is due in part to carry over from last year, mentioning weakness for German auto manufacturers due to new fuel emission standards, and soft domestic demand in Italy after recent sovereign and financial risks.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)revised down its estimates for global growth on Monday, warning that the expansion seen in recent years is losing momentum.

The Fund now projects a 3.5 percent growth rate worldwide for 2019 and 3.6 percent for 2020. These are 0.2 and 0.1 percentage points below its last forecasts in October — making it the second downturn revision in three months.


This will trigger my stop loss for my holding position and do a short after 45 mins open and cut at next hour xx01 or xx07 and depends.

Do another at the same hour the 45 mins and close out at xx17 or xx27.

Will only trade 45 mins before US open.



The coin is still pointing downwards. Double doji is form again.

GBP/USD which is simillar to a hanging man bar. Is still wanting to recover from her losses.

USD/JPY has form a spin on top doji and should has a chance of recovery despite IMF news.

Gold has a doji too but bad news. She is heading for more correction.

Oil with a indecision look alike simillar to a doji bar and is wanting to push higher.

Asia close with a indecision and Asia might open lower the next day and bull up at tomorrow European open as Rome is posting positive at her closing later today.

I am going for long position 45 mins after European close.

Be back for more updates.

Thank you



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