Why Border?

Fence can be cut easily. Strong border take ages to hack through.

Feature image: https://unsplash.com/@radekhomola

Immigrant or Refugee is a headach for a lot of country. Many government have been keeping quite of the refugee and illegal immigrant that cause drug, killing, robbery and rape.

Not siding President Donald Trump. Just like in Malaysia and Singapore. Residence are all fear and hurt by this illegal immigrant and infact some refugee that is causing untold crime like cheat, drugs, robberies and rape.

Why is Myanma is chasing the Rohingya that has create crime and unease to the residence. Are we listening to the one side of the story and not listening to the resident that has been victimise.

If you leave in any part of the world I am sure you are fear of refugee and immigrant that come from no where.

Later after simetime, you will feel the problem that has cause by this immigrant or refugee. Which “Taking someone kindness as weeknesses”.

Some government just one to keep themselves as Good Government role, condem others and hoping the people will vote for him or her and show their care to refugee – is a totally wrong concept. They should ask themself “Why don’t you take them into your country”.

Why Blangdes or India not taking Rohingya into their Country then.

Why not UN take them into the EU Country then.

All Country knows the problem and what to expect already.

All Country should stop taking illegal immigrant / refugee and lower the living standard so their resdence can make living cost more affordable and so your own nation people are able to afford to go to work and start working.
So why Trump is persistently wanted a strong wall, strong security and strong America. Just look at the havoc his neighbouring Country can cause. And I am sure lots of American already knew.

Death toll reaches 73 in Mexico fuel pipeline fire horror

Hector Vivas | Getty Images News | Getty Images
TLAHUELILPAN, MEXICO – JANUARY 19: Firefighters work to control the fire after an explosion in a pipeline belonging to Mexican oil company PEMEX on January 18, 2019 in Tlahuelilpan, Mexico. In a statement PEMEX announced that the explosion was caused by the illegal manipulation of the pipeline, minutes before the accident, some videos were shot where people could be seen filling drums, even car fuel tanks. (Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images)================================
  • State oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, said the pipeline, which supplies much of central Mexico with fuel, had just reopened after being shut since Dec. 23 and that it had been breached 10 times over three months.
  • By Saturday evening the death toll from Friday’s blaze had risen to 73, with another 74 people injured and dozens more were missing.
  • The tragedy came just three weeks after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador launched an offensive against fuel theft gangs that have drilled dangerous, illegal taps into pipelines an astounding 12,581 times in the first 10 months of 2018, an average of about 42 per day.

They were warned to stay away from the geyser of gasoline gushing from the illegally tapped pipeline in central Mexico, but Gerardo Perez says he and his son joined others in bypassing the soldiers. As they neared the spurting fuel he was overcome with foreboding.


Asia Close with a bear inverted. Asia may start with a strong correction downwards.

Weekly posted bear inverted and Daily with a strong bear reversal.

China says its economy grew 6.6 percent in 2018. That’s the lowest official

Huileng Tan |

  • China on Monday announced that its official economic growth came in at 6.6 percent in 2018 — the slowest pace since 1990.
  • That full-year figure matched expectations from analysts polled by Reuters.
  • Fourth-quarter GDP growth also matched expectations, coming in at 6.4 percent on-year from 6.5 percent in the third quarter.

European Market are mostly posted with a bear inverted and bear reversal bar.

Heavy correction is expected.

GDAX are mostly bear reversal bar. Heavy correction is expected.

UK are mostly bear correction since the daily posted the bear reversal bar

Coin, Forex, Gold, Oil

Be back soon for more update.

Cindy Kate European open we expect market to open lower and pick up in the next 45mins and I will probably do a short and close out the next hour xx17 and enter another with the same hour at the 45 mins and close out at the following xx17.

Next trading hour is expected at 45 mins before US open and close out xx27 before the open. But sorry today US Market is close for Holiday which is the Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Coin daily posted with a indecision bar which very high chance to recover her losses. Weekly is posting is a inverted and a doji and is lifting up this week

Forex GBP/USD posted a doji in her weekly chart and is a bull week for her.

USD/JPY a indecision but more to a reversal which will correct more downwards.

Gold is with a inverted and will swing up this week.

Oil is more to a bear inverted which will fall lower this week.

US Close also posted with a inverted bar more to a bear reversal which you can see at the daily and weekly chart.

She will open lower and close up higher after mid-day.

End day Asia close with a doji and we might see some pick up tomorrow during futures open.

Cindy Kate be back again 45mins after European close for a long position.

Thank you.



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