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Asia close with a indecision and will open low and bulls up.

Stocks rise after report says US considering easing China tariffs during negotiations

Stocks rose on Thursday on the back of a report that said the U.S. could ease tariffs on Chinese goods during their trade negotiations with China.

That idea was floated by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, according to a Wall Street Journal report, which cited people close to the matter. The report, however, added that Mnuchin faced pushback from U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who thinks any concession could be seen as a sign of weakness.

Asia stocks trade higher, boosted by optimism in US-China trade talks

Joanna Tan

Saheli Roy Choudhury
  • Asia Pacific markets rose on Friday morning as investors reacted to a report that said American officials were weighing the possibility of easing tariffs on China, in a bid to push forward trade talks.
  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin proposed lifting all or some of the tariffs on Chinese imports to give Beijing a reason to make deeper concessions in ongoing trade talks between the two countries, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, citing sources.
  • A senior administration official told CNBC’s Eamon Javers that “there’s no discussion of lifting tariffs now.”

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European Open
European markets seen higher on US-China trade relief

European close Italy post a indecision bar and will open higher today.

GDAX also post an indecision bar and will open higher today.

I was suppose to hold the transaction over night. But once I saw the 5 figure I close and enter another buy and kept over night.

UK closing have posted a dragonfly doji and will retrace back up today.

Before that. Cindy Kate Team today I am buying at 45 minute later after European open and close at xx17/27.

Enter another at the same closing hour the 45 mins and close out at xx17/27 the following hour.

Coin Forex Gold Oil

BTC posted a hammer and wanting to follow the GBP and recover more.

GBP/USD an indecision bar and will move lower mid day and move back up after US open

Gold will correct lower and range again.

USD/JPY posted doji and will move up a little today.

Oil posted a dragonfly doji and hanging man look alike and will bulls up today.

The Weed

The weed I did not hold it overnight and she posted a dragonfly doji look alike but is more to a inverted hammer that will open high and will recover more.

US Market

Almost all her chart close with a indecision bar and will open higher today.

Today Asia end with a indecision bar and will probably open higher for US today market and next week gap up on Asia open next week.

Cindy Kate I have finish my first session and be back to buy 45 mins before US open and close 15 mins after the open.

Last session will be 45 mins after European close with auto close profit and stop loss be placed.

Be back for more update

Thannk you



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