Lawmakers are set to vote on May’s Brexit deal

Morning Headline

“We have a technical top in the U.S. dollar versus the Chinese yuan. Now, that’s a very important technical top to have because it means the dollar is weakening,” he said Thursday. “The lower that the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Chinese Yuan comes down, the more it is a sign, per say, that the trade agreements between the U.S. and China are going well.”

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Europe Closing

Italy close with a hammer bar formation but weekly is posting a indecision bar, which will open low before and recover back up.

GDAX weekly has posted with a indecision bar and this week would wrap up higher. Week start is negative till probably after Tuesday a possible bull will be created.

UK will start with a weak start that will correct downwards for first 2 day and go bull after the vote.

UK News

Lawmakers are set to vote on May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday, after she shelved plans for a vote in December when it became clear that not enough lawmakers from her own party or others would back the deal she agreed with Brussels.

US Market

Tech is with a indecision and will go bear early of the week due to Brexit and US Government Shut Down and Huawei issue. Eventually bulls up mid week.

DJ30 and S&P500 has a bear reversal that will go bear early in the week for correction before any possible mid week.

Coin, Forex, Gold, Oil

The weekly BTC has posted with a bull invert. High chance to recover the losses.

USD/JPY has a bear doji and shooting down further.

GBP/USD is having a bear reversal and is heading for correction early of the week before mid week.

Gold post a cross doji bar. This week is another gain for Gold counter.

Oil has a inverted but is more to a bear correction before any possible bull mid week

Cindy Kate team European zone will open low during the open.

The position us short after 45 minute later and close out xx17.

Short another at xx45 at the same hour and close at xx17 at thefollowing hour.

Short another 45 minute before US open and close out at xx27 or xx47 after the open.

Next trade is 45 minute after European close. To go long and close out at xx17, xx27 or keep over.

European close with a cross doji and is very positive for tomorrow market

Be back for more updates. The overall outlook is correcting bear before mid day and spill over after US open.

Thank you



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