Compromise but market don’t bite the outcome of trade meeting.

Feature image: https://unsplash.com/@kylejglenn

European close

Italy is also against the EU. Her chart end with more like a shooting star than a inverted.

If it is a shooting star. She will open with gap lower.

GDAX close with a doji would open lower and bulls up for early session and US Open.

UK close with a Gravestone doji simillar bar. Open lower since Asia futures open due to China inflation bad economic report.

Britain’s May suffers parliament defeat as Brexit debate restartsUS News

US trade negotiators will report back to White House before taking their next steps
They will report back to the White House for further guidance on trade talks with China moving forward.US Close

US close with a simillar Gravestone doji. Chances of opening low and pull back up. Market is awaiting the report of the trade meeting. Probably bulls up when it did not form a evening-star bar.

Asia News

Asia markets lower as China inflation data misses expectations

China is still optimistic after the Trade Meeting and is cordinating with the US.

We will see it move up further perhaps European mid session.

Japan is wait and see situation perhaps awaits news from the US meeting report.

Her trend is more to a correct downwards trend.

Crypto News

Coin, Forex, Gold and Oil

BTC close 2 day with harami doji and is ready to bulls up for this 2 day.

GBP/USD with a reverse bar that might go bearish with USD/JPY.

USDJPY with bear indecision bar that might go bearish today.

Oil has a over supply situation and with a bearish reversal bar with last night closing.

Gold has a strong demand bar and a reversal look alike bar. Will see a upside first session and

Overall Market became uncertain and fall today

Cindy team Europe zone may open higher and fall.

European news
European stocks drop amid trade and Fed concerns

Dow futures fall more than 175 points as investors await signals on US-China

Be back for more updates.



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