As Brexit, Trade, Wall Extended. Ripple is having Holy War?

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Ripple wants a piece of the global payment system while it fights a cryptocurrency ‘holy war’

A well-known cryptocurrency may have just suffered a confidence-breaking attackChart source plus500.

Note:”80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money”

User: I have been trading with plus500, etoro and bullionV since 2012. Overrall great app, great service and no complain till today from my side.

May will will still stand and fight for Brexit.

EU doesn’t want to ‘trap the UK into anything’ and will give more guarantees, Irish leader saysCindy Kate Team. I hold my position despite Wall and Wall2 to Turkey.European Closing.

Italian end with a doji bar almost like a dragon fly bar. Will gap up during open

GDAX are having a indecision bar will gap up when open in hopes of Trade meeting extention-optimistic.

UK with a indecision formation closing. Started positively since Asia futures open

Asia Outlook
Asia markets trade higher amid hopes of progress in US-China trade talks

Japan previous close end with a indecision bar. Morning session surge up optimistic with the today Trade Conclusion.

China close with a harami-cross doji and can bull up for next 2 day.

“Harami Cross:

This is another turning point candlestick pattern which most accurate on a daily chart.

Occurring at both a bullish and bearish reversals, it consists of two candles the first candle brings the market to the high or low.

The next candle is a doji which lies inside the range of the real body of the previous candle.”

Coin, Forex, Gold and Oil

BTC might correct downwards. Previous close a doji.

GBP/USD seems a double indecision and double top formation. Might pull the pound lower today.

Oil is still very strong up side and helping the Dollar.

USD/JPY hoover around and end with a doji. Might push higher today.

Gold emd with another indecision affected by oil and indices. May go lower today.

Cindy Team position is bull and will only enter 45 minute later after European open and close at xx17 the next hour if favor; otherwise would be xx27, xx37 or xx47.

When see positive collection close them soon.

Can enter 3 x with the same entry timing.

After that be back to trade 45 minute before US open and cut off at xx46 /xx47 after the open.

US Market Outlook.

Futures slightly higher as US and China conclude trade talks

No news of what they have comclude but it benefit both country.All the US Chart have the same undecision bar on yesterday closing and will see some rally today during the open despite the border wall disagreement.

Hey Cindy Kate team we have collected alot of difference since European open and do the same as above method and be back after European close and will let you know what position to enter or to hold over.

Be back for more updates

Thank you



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