Win a Chicken game?

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As Beijing and US meeting resume.

Trump is winning the game of economic chicken right now with China, but that could soon changeAsia

‘I have been wrongly accused’: Read the full statement from Nissan’s Ghosn proclaiming his innocence

Ousted Nissan Chairman Ghosn says he is innocent in first appearance since November

As Nikkei225 leading the pace as positive Auto news pop in.

But China50 is still at bad econ situation.

Whereas Australia and Singapore are still positive with their economic since the bull run a day back.

European closing

GDAX made a correction touch the nearest support and bounce back and form a hammer bar

Italy close higher with a hammer bar and are positive of the trade deal.

FTSE100 close lower with a hammer bar. Already pushing up since morning futures session and back with a positive auto news.

European will open unchange or gap higher and push up. This follows the Asia auto and hopes of the positive trade news.

Negatively Japan is thinking to raise the tax from 8% to 10% that might see correcting lower when European open.

Coins, Forex Gold and Oil

Bitcoin hoover around $3800 and $4000. Previous inverted bull are giving space to move up with some correction hoover around that range.

USD/JPY is trying to correct above 109 level with previous day hammer bar.

Gold bull indecision might hit her 1300 level despite today were bear the whole morning. With Japan up tax rate might help Gold to bull up if tax affect Nikkei225.

Eventually lower the oil and USD/JPY and will bull up GBP/USD.

“Cindy Kate Team if you have bought 2 hours before closing. Probably have to add in MOO”.

Did add MOO due to South Korea tech positive news.

But if you did not then if European open unchange and or higher we have to short the counter 45 minute later after the open and close out at the next hour xx17 or xx27 if collection is in a positive difference.

Then only short one hour after US open at the same 45 minute procedure.

Market might be range while awaits trade deal result

Crypto news

Apple and Tesla shares on the blockchain could be the next big thing in crypto

Cindy Kate did you short at 45 mins after open but I exit at next hour xx46 minute. Stated here.

Cindy Kate did you short at 45 mins after open but I exit at next hour xx46 minute. Stated here.





Going for long  at xx47 before US open and close at next hour xx46 hour.

Be back for more updates.


Thank you



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