Blame it on the War. Blame it on the Wall

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================================The whole market is blaming on Apple, Huawei and Apple is blaming of Trade War. We can just watch and blame on fundamental even thou our technical analysis is 80% accurate.


Chart source plus500.

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Cindy Kate team if you did buy before market close on the given counter. You may buy at 45 mins later after London open if the bar is green during the first 40 minutes.

Close position after next hour 17 or 27 minute.

If after closing xx40 the green bar is climing go for another buy and close position next hour 17 or 27 minute.

I will update later if session is negative or positive.

Today we might see huge reversal if yesterday the market did not make a huge recovery dur to Apple rumors.

I will explain why there is a huge reversal.

European Closing

GDAX close with a indecision bar and will open low and plunge at first hour.

Italian has a inverted bar that will go bull during open.

Spainish we see a indecision or more like a inverted bar. Bull run is carried over for today.

FTSE100 is remaining positive before the vote onthe 14.

UK has a Doji and is already in her bull position during morning futures session.

US NewsNews and technical are positive today.

Slowdown fears rise as markets await Powell, jobs report

The bull run has been delay till today after Job report.

Futures already showing green during morning session.

Asia News

Japan down more than 2.5 percent as China rebounds on trade hopes

US and China to hold high-level trade talks in Beijing on Jan 7-8

Australia leading the pace again. Her doji almost like a reversal doji and has no confirmation of bull run yet.

Nikkei225 is should be lower due to her bear inverted bar.

China50 forms a spin top bar before and a Harami Cross doji yesterday close. Her reversal is positive.

HangSeng has a reversal bar before and a Harami Cross yesterday closing. Very positive for her bull run and has already happen this morning.

Harami Cross:

This is another turning point candlestick pattern which most accurate on a daily chart.

Occurring at both a bullish and bearish reversals, it consists of two candles the first candle brings the market to the high or low.

The next candle is a doji which lies inside the range of the real body of the previous candle.”

Coin , Forex and Oil.

Coin has a indecision bar before and a reversal bar yesterday closing. Is going for the bull run today

A potential bull hammer bar may help the coin to shoot even further.

Little indecision bull bar will help the USD/JPY to recover from her losses since USD/JPY red hammer shows space to go bear.

That is why procrastinate bull run has been delay for a day.


Cindy Kate Team are you getting this.

Position below statedthat is on Open Closing

Be back for more updates. WordPress loading has a problem today

Thank you



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