January the 3rd Bull Run is expected.

Image of


Cindy team I long for the counter 2 hours before closing and is going for MOO during European open.


Chart source plus500.

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European Closing.

The closing for all 4 chart below has a hangingman look a like. Buyer has taken control.

It will open lower before it climb up during the mid session due to US tech bear reaction.

FTSE100 already affected by the Asia Trade this morning and trader shot. Mostly worry that tech might slip further due to US lowered in closing.

But her day chart has a dragonfly doji candle or a bull hammer and a hanging man candle look alike.

Today session we might see a bull run.

US News

Trump says there was a stock market ‘glitch’ in December, but it will rise when trade deals fixed

US Closing.

All this 4 chart form a dragonfly candle stick or you may call them as hanging man candle too.

We might see a bull run later today after the US Open despite Asia are procrastinate and went bear this morning.

Asia News

Chinese tech sector falls after Tim Cook says China is slowing

Asia shares mostly lower as US futures point to further turmoil stateside

Asia Market.

Australia leading the pace after morning lower session.

Range the whole day.

Japan are range the whole morning.


The outlook for today.

We might see European open at low or same as previous lose and lead the bull run at mid day or during the US mid day.

US may open lower follow the mid day or open higher lead by the European mid day session.

Overall bull run is expected and positive news is expected at either European mid day or US mid day session.

Coin, Forex & Oil

GBP/USD is more like a hanging man candle compare to USD/JPY.

USD/JPY is more to create more space for her to drop further and GBP/USD is more to a bull run.

Spill over to Crypto currencies BTC has form a indecision candle which will hit her next high of the day bringing her to hit 4500.

Oil has a indecision candle and will go for her next high of the day too. And this will push the dollar upwards abid.

Cindy Kate Team if Italian open turn green. I will go for long on the counter given to you at xx49 at the same hour and close out at xx26 the nex hour.

And go for position one hour after European close.

Cindy Kate did you earn small today like this one below.

I have just enter a buy position at around xx45 two hours before futures closing.

Technically. I wouldn’t do a sell short because of uncertaincy and only wait for oppotunity to buy or long.

Be back for more updates.

Thank you



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