Wild Swing While Savings.

Take Care of our Savings in this Wild Swing.

image of https://unsplash.com/@rawpixel


The Coin is very nervous since Christmas Eve and took her full swing when oil and dollar plunge lower, also due to related issue like the US Government shut down and now close border thread.

This will lower the dollar even further when Califonia will be making millions of losses.

That include the unsettle Trade War, Brexit and many more.

Bitcoin Day Chart.

Weekly and daily has shown buyer demands and we could expect 4500 to 6000 level within next few day till January 1st, 2019.

Volumn may not be much due to holiday.


Why US Border Close Down Thread will cause califonia millions of dollar.

Stocks wrap up 2 weeks of ‘disturbing’ moves

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Welcoming the New Year with 20 Crypto Jokes

Crypto Good News.

Former Wall Street Investor: Big Chance Crypto is Best Performing Asset in 2019

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