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Dow rallies 1,000 points, logging its biggest single-day point gain ever

The 30-stock Dow closed 1,086.25 points higher, or 4.98 percent, at 22,878.45. Wednesday’s gain also marked the biggest upside move on a percentage basis since March 23, 2009, when it rose 5.8 percentage points.

The S&P 500 also catapulted 4.96 percent — its best day since March 2009 — to 2,467.70 as the consumer discretionary, energy and tech sectors all climbed more than 6 percent. The Nasdaq Compositealso had its best day since March 23, 2009, surging 5.84 percent to 6,554.36.

Wednesday also marked the biggest post-Christmas rally for U.S. stocks ever.


Asia mostly open gap higher this morning. But was bear down by China Industrial data.

China’s industrial profits suffer first drop in 3 years

Earnings growth at China’s industrial firms in November fell for the first time in nearly three years in the face of slackening domestic and external demand, highlighting rising risks to the world’s second-largest economy.

The gloomy data points to a further loss of economic momentum as a trade dispute with the United States piles pressure on China’s vast manufacturing sector and as firms, bracing for a tough year ahead, shelve their investment plans, executives say.

Industrial profits fell 1.8 percent in November from a year earlier to 594.8 billion yuan ($86.33 billion), the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said on its website on Thursday. It marked the first decline since December 2015. For the first eleven months, profits at industrial firms rose 11.8 percent from the same period a year earlier to 6.1 trillion yuan, slowing from a 13.6 percent increase in January-October.

European will mostly gap higher base on wall street rally.

(Cindy Team we only enter at 45 mins later after GDAX open and cut off at next hour 07 mins and enter again at the next hour xx49 mins.

The asset and long or shot for the next hour will be notified)

GDAX green bar is not updated since the indecisive candle stick.

Italy indecisive candle stick will mostly gap higher.

FTSE100 already shoot since futures morning and may rise up a little more during their open today.

European heavy sell-off and cause both of my account stop order triggered.

European market is making a last 3 day losses correction and may recover after mid day or during US Open.

Will President Trump get his Wall Bill approve today and open up the partial close government?

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Thursday will also see the U.S. Senate convene and possibly vote on a bill to end the partial government shutdown, which began on December 22 following a dispute between the White House and Democrats over the funding of a southern border wall.

US Open will open and gain higher for the above news today before the news

Be back for more update .

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