Drone For Christmas?

image of https://unsplash.com/@asoggetti

No Deal. I want my Holiday………………

No……………. I want my Wall

Is it an Alien or Drone Honey?



Cindy Team I will still go for the bull before the close up.

Italy it seems like a inverted and a reversal signal.

Double bottom condition. Today we expect to do a long position during European open. But buy at 49mins later if Italy open high. The counter I already inform the team.

GDAX I have done a long last night and is too early.

The chart is showing a double bottom but fail to shoot up last week, partly due to bad economic data and previous day US rate hike.

The chart has a indecision reversal look a like in last night closing.

I make a mistake huge in GDAX but cover back a little from Bitcoin.


Hong Kong is leading the asia rebounce deal this morning with her indecision look-a-like bar. She open lower and pick-up.

Which GDAX will do the same during the open.

FTSE start with open higher during futures moning also leading the others. Close with a indecisive bar and open higher and returning to 6700 or higher later today.

Like I said earlier. Big Team are buying from the below and is already started.


Coins will be expecting to aim in between 4500 or perhaps 5000 level before Christmas.

Little more space to move up today before possible correction over the weekend.

GBP are aiming to cross the 1.27000 level to day. Plenty space to move up from the chart closing previous day.

US Market Outlook.

Bullish reversal hammer are sighted at their 3 chart. Market are probably open and shoot up.

Market are seen open lower at the futures open and bull higher after mid day.

Be back for more updates.

Thank you



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