You mean Super Women?

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Watch “Alicia Keys – Superwoman (Official Music Video)” on YouTube


Stocks turn negative after Fed hikes rates, Dow was up more than 350 points

Asia are all at her bear state today after a long waiting and is time to buy them at low and up close for Christmas soon.

Merry Christmas Santa is coming.

The Coins and GBP

The coins appear to have a inverted hammer look alike for her previous day and is not a shooting star.

It might bull up today following simillar patern as GBP.

GBP has a inverted hammer and may recover today which was drag downwards by the hike last night.

Europe Zone.

GDAX has a harami look alike pattern drag down by the futures close in her hourly chart.

May open near previous close and will recover back to match the actual spot closing for the European Zone market.

We shall see the Italy open that it has a morning star formation with inverted look alike formation.

Probably open lower an pick up today.


e back for more updates later.

Thank you.



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