Break Shut And Shift ø

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Today I have this Awsome swift pic of jakeblucker.

Yup time is clicking and is either they break, shut and those company shift the client.

Wow whats going on here. Powell will take the hike despite scolding from President Trump.


(Cindy Team please see latest update on new position at the end of today’s blog).

Alright Cindy Team the Italy close with a reversal neutral bull candle that looks like a bull doji reversal and the answer to you is bull for the time given to you as usual. You may do it today or tomorrow at GDAX open and of course 7 minute after the Italy open or now. Which counter and you knows it.

Asia will see opening higher and at certain bull and not much.

But most are seen went bear despite softbank started trading in Tokyo; the Japan largest IPO today.

(click image to read news)

Asia are all trading at their lowest, awaits Powell rate hike decision.

Europe is expect to open high and lower mid session while awaits Brexit and Rate Hikes decision.

GDAX has the same closing as the Italy closing and might open gap higher before lower mid day.

Italian banks lift European markets after reports of a budget breakthrough; GSK shares jump 6%

The no-deal might have a turnaround and comes up a little during futures session this morning.

(click image to read more)

Coins and GBP is keep on the bull this morning. Buddy business is not stopping them this time.

Lower a bid. Getting ready for a new hike today.


Cindy Team

Our position should be this pic show or close earlier within the 5 mins open.


US Outlook

Everybody is waiting for the tech chart has a long shadow doji, is giving space to go up and it already happen during the futures open.

The futures is already push up during European Session. We might expect to open a little higher and awaits rate hikes news.


Cindy Team Updates.

Italy closing at a inverter look a like patern and is giving a little more space to go up the next day.

Position for the instrument that given to you is Bull.


Thank you.



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