Aqua man? Rescue?

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Aquaman’ is Warner Bros’ chance to turn the tide for its troubled DC superhero movies

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Asian stocks broadly higher amid cautious sentiment

Source by Eustance Huang

Europe and London


GDAX has a reversal indecision doji in her futures chart and might open high before the bear.
Yup she really open gap up.


FTSE is pointing downwards and futures open near the previous close.

She follow Asia mix during Asia morning till Europe open.

Italy has a reversal indecision doji and will probably open gap up getting FTSE to go up during the morning session before any possible downtrend after the mid-day.

But Italy open is near the previous close too.


US Open

All three chart shows the same formation and will be giving space for the trend to go down a little before a pick up.

Be back soon for more updates.

Thank you.



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