Mario Christmas Is Coming

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Asia plunge with a red stick during their open due to slow economic data and follow the most trend of the Europe and US zone.

News source: CNBC (click image to read news).

Data is lower than October as reported.

Europe and London Zone

GDAX reluctant to go bearish, might open low and cover upwards.

UK is a bear hammer form and already been push during futures open.

Italy more like a bearish abandoned-baby formation.

A Bearish Abandoned Baby
A bearish abandoned baby is a type of candlestick pattern identified by traders to signal a reversal in the current uptrend.

I am worried about Paris protest issue that might continue this weekend and will bring down theie economy too.



USD/JPY has a double-top formation, but will she correct downwards?

GBP/USD has a double-bottom but she broke the support and correction won’t cross the 1.27000 level and high chance of facing bearishness.

Double top or Double bottom formation.
Double top and double bottom are reversal chart patterns observed in the technical analysis of financial trading markets of stocks, commodities, currencies, and other assets.

(you may find out more in the search engine).


US Topics

(Click image to read news)

Today Event

All the above chart is a spill over movement and is pointing lower.

Be back for more updates on today event.

Thank you



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