Did you see that?

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USD shoot the near roof when Brexit UK PM delay vote and it shoot the second roof when House of Common Speaker, speaks.

Secondly teach stated with style and Apple was announce ban import to China. “Drop like no body business”.

“The court has banned the import and sale of nearly all iPhone models in China, according to a statement Monday from Qualcomm. Apple is already disputing the scope of the ban, saying it only applies to iPhones that run on an older operating system.

Apple shares lost 2 percent on Monday morning but later turned positive, while shares of Qualcomm rose 3 percent.”



Asia has traded with certain collective upwards because of the tech rebounces.

Europe recovered since last night and there comes a good news from Italy

La Repubblica newspaper reported Tuesday that the European Commission is willing to accept an increase in Italy’s deficit target to 1.95 percent for next year, Reuters reported. Meanwhile, it said that Italy’s ministry of finance was targeting a budget deficit of 2 percent for 2019.

BUT IT MOVES THE MARKET in Europe morning session.

Afternoon session

What to watch later today during US open. It could be opening higher but watch out for tech Huawei outcome that might shoot us over the head.

UK Outcome in thee afternoon

“European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Tuesday morning that there is “no room whatsoever left for Brexit deal negotiation,” he is also due to meet May Tuesday evening.

For her part, May will meet the leaders of Germany and the Netherlands on Tuesday in the hope that they can help her to get the deal amended. She will also meet Tusk on Tuesday afternoon.

These meetings come ahead of a European Council meeting scheduled for Thursday where Brexit – and the backstop – will be discussed.”

US Open

What to watch. (click image to read)

US has a ‘concerted strategy’ to push allies to reject Huawei’s 5G equipment: Eurasia Group

Technically it may open high but will it push off after the opening

What is the report event today? Report at US time 8.30am.

Souces from plus500. I am their longest user and investor since 2011

But always remember “80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money”

This not gonna move much but a slow outcome report.

Back to tech. Will Qualcomm and Apple battle still move the tech lower or upwards.

There might be a downwards chance or the second hour of opening.

Nice Star-Formation if it complete with a Green Bar today.

But all this are affecting the Coins a lot too.

The coins been swimming downwards situation since yesterday despite the upwards formation that it is aiming towards between 4 to 5 space.


Dollar vs Yen wanted to push further to perhaps 50 or 60.

GBP wants to move upwards together too from the hourly shows

Breaking News

Let see what happen later today

Thank you



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