Bear Day Sit_uation

We are looking at bear condition early Asia, Europe session till mid US open.

Wow getting urglier today. Unexpected bearish condition.

Australia @australia @stocks

It all stagnant at support level. Australia open will see open lower.

Japan @japan @stocks

It is the same the stagnant situation will pull the index further downwards direction.

China @china @stocks

The movement has already cover the gap but giving more space for the price to shoot down, the way the bar is form.

Hours ago

Oil Business

If we know the trend we do not have to practice stop-order, if our sustaining is strong enough.

Today Event

US Open

Today the European market is really shot to his head-off.

I am also stuck with my GDAX for calculated risk. My etoro demo triggered the sell-stop.

Overall is Bear till Europe open and Opec meeting continues tomorrow. President Putin of Russia will probably cut additional productiion


Thank you



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