It’s Tonight

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Firstly Let us send our Condolence to Former US President George HW Bush that pass away at 94 today.


Back to Business.

Is not the Holiday as yet. Is not time to celebrate as yet; if all trade deal goes well.

Course, Tariff is not fully complete yet. There is many more parts to complete after the Holiday. I guess so.

But Tonight is gonna be a good night. Do you have the feeling too.

Watch “The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (Official Music Video)” on YouTube


Great fight great night. European market is way too aggressive almost wipe off my collection of nearly 67K.

But when the New York open it all recover back in. Earn back the USD/JPY of its strong dollar but feel sad for Bitcoin and All other coin.

Someone have did a shot but is not too bad for forming a upside allowance formation.

Anyway the way it goes last night in other index counter is telling the Bull to continue next week.

The market next week might heading for bull but cautiously before Opec meeting.

The crypto might correct upwards slow and steady.

Thank you.



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