Investor turn Asiawood Scam Artise. “When Smokey Sings”.

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Investor turn Asiawood Scam Artise

During those days when investors got burn with their hard earn money or maybe worst than that.

Those are their Dad’s money or borrowed from some friends, banks or some illegal lenders.

How to get that kind of money, like $10K to maybe more than $50K to return to where it come from.

Majority won’t do stupid things as in crawl nor fly out from tall buildings

Some perhaps knows that they have paid a high school fee to learn an expensive lesson on how trading works; which they will never forget for the rest of their life.

Definitely unsatisfactory is within them even thou they have return to their daily routine.

For some may have much more clever idea later when unsatisfactory persist.

Before that happen. The Account Manager may have a good idea for them. (WHAT GREAT IDEA?)

The Account Manager suggested: You (The Investor) should start working for the Brokerage firm part-time or full-time to earn some commission to pay back your debts

Is never easy to persuade new investor to part take during that time.

After a few months to perhaps a year SpotCash CFD Trading business is still fresh and hot. They manage to find lots of investors and participant.

Business is doing well. Commission grow even hotter and highier.

“Kelvin may have much more better idea to pay debts even faster.


(X) Everybody thought ‘SpotCash CFD is “Money come money lost, goes straight into their pocket”. “That easy – they thought”.

(X) NO! Totally wrong concept.

(X) NO! Totally wrong thinking.

They don’t even know what is CFD Security-Deposit Segregation.

Refers to regulatory rules requirement, that customer assets collected by a financial institution (generally a brokerage firm) must be held separately from assets of the brokerage firm itself in a segregated account.


Watch “ABC – When Smokey Sings (1987 Original Video)” on YouTube

So – “When Smokey Sings” – David, Kelvin, Thomas and William statred to dance.

The this so call bunch of monkey start their own fly-by-night Brokerage Firm stone throw away, just like that.

They start pulling broker from this corner to their corner.

Business became very hot, even the press company began to love this SpotCash CFD firm during the 90s to 2000.

Thousand of advertisement from this kind of firm everyday.

Recruitment from student to cleaner to housewife and better still GM and Lawyers too.

Tremendors of people got cheated for work and became investor or even worst – ‘Funder’.

Thats when monkey see monkey do started.

Until today, there is the real and the unreal as Copy me, Copy my profit on the web too.

(Q) Sometime we have to ask ourself this question.

(Q) Will some rich guy share his profit with us and ask us to copy and paste how he makes his profit he is making.

(The real making money ones won’t be like me still writing in the night and getting others to join and copy me).

Maybe 1 or 2 out of the millions.

I don’t have to criticise what others are doing today, but in the 90s there is some real deal.

I call it The Copy-Con-University, that teaches us how to invite others to invest.

They pay real commission once commission is being generated

Once they start to have some hiccup and giving excuses. They are prepare to run away with the commissions and withdrawals.

(There is much more on how this operator steal utilities and escape at the end of day. Debt free).

I will continue on their exciting story on my next post.

Course we have better updates tips below.


News and Chart Entry.

Fundamentaly says that Bank in Europe has pass the stress-test

I make a long position at 0149am (S’pore time) after ‘Apple’ heavy downwards correction.

Gather from day, 1 hour and 30 minute chart, already hitting the main support as you can see from the chart below

A bullish hammer from the 30 minute chart and is about time to go for a Long (Buy) position.

Plus500 MobileApp Chart

“80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money”

Lets see what did I collect from the 20 minute collection.

Plus500 Mobile App Order Statement

“80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money”

Lets see etoro virture account statement and timing.

Hourly shows Bullish Hammer

30 minute shows hammer

5 mins chart buy signal.

Some would think nothing will change the tariffs and market will probably plunch downwards after the US Mid-Term election. But market did not plunch and remain stable.

What do you think?

Lately. I see from the chart that the market might move up a little from the down-upside-correction before it plunch a final swing downwards. (Forming a bull signal – This imply to the Coins too).


Have a Awsome week ahead and Thank you for your time to read an article from an old man that doesn’t speak and write English well.



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