Trade Your Head Off is nothing to do with “Queen – Radio Ga Ga

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Don’t confuse yourself with too much wire and software“.


It definitely nothing got to do with our Legend Freddie Mercury.

Did you trade your head off on Friday 26/10? Course I did. “I lost huge amount that night. (I was Trying to be smart! Going against trend, when the whole world is on a sell-off mode)


Gold CFD Oppotunity with perhaps just $200 during this crash season.

Let me tell you why? And why middle range participant like us can make huge Gold collection on Gold-CFD during this crash season before Christmas.

Click the button while reading cos it is going to bored you off if you don’t.


Watch “Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Official Video)” on YouTube

What did I do to Gold CFD.

$200 minimum is not going to bite you a lot nor gonna make your heart excited and stress you out, because is just $200 only, and perhaps this $200 is going to make you quite a sum during this Crash and perhaps Vice Versa if you stay focus.

As we know with $200 budget if we join a home affiliate program.

Every month we might be paying and we might or might not get our own personal referral. (If we save and make up to $200 minimum then we can go for Gold-CFD or your favorite CFD).

We might either earn or earn nothing at all. Whereas in make money from affiliate program we might be keeping finding a right program and maybe being scam a dozen time and lost even more than this $200/.

This could be a opportunity for us whereas we don’t have to advertise, beg people to join our home affiliate program and waste money on. End story we are wasting and lose to a no return program.

I am not selling an oppotunity but this is just how I realize that most of us wasted on program online that doesn’t work and flush away our money into the drain.

Did you know if we spot the right time to enter a position in CFD Gold or any other asset, we might either make it for that month or come back another month after we do some practice on the demo trading account, if we did not make it to collect our difference this time round.

Did you know we can long Gold-CFD or whichever you wish during crash season.

Figure below show: I long Gold CFD during the worldwide sell-off and see what happen.

It maybe small but when we add up all our daily collection and is going to be a huge later. (Maybe an home affiliate program we might not generate an income like the figure below show, any sooner).

(Just imagine I have been paying $55/. every month for a program for past 2 years and what I knew it add up to be around $1200). Wow.!

Imagine? My return is not even half. This is not even include those other ptogram out there I join. Gosh! Thats a lot.


I did a long on 1439 hours because is a session of change-direction moment after market open and it open lower that day.

Dangerous time I entered and trying to be smart again. Too early to do a long . Should have long at 2149 hour and get a quick collection.

Unfortunately I got hit later part of the day for being a hero. Below figure show and I tell you why. (A explanation on why trade fail for most participant).

Trying to be smart that gone Awry

Breaking news: It says US economic have pick up for the past month and I enter a long position at 2129 hrs and collect the difference at 2138.

I thought I was the hero for that day and could probably start swinging my under garment for that moment. See figure below shows a nice collection.

What went wrong after that.

I have forgotten that I shouldn’t have chase the crowd via fundamental news and know that the bomb-thread news has hurt the market during that hour and see what happen below when the hero is born. “No stop-order being place and I am still hoping”.

Once the Bomb Mail guy is caught, immediately the whole trend turnaround. See what happen when a hero trying to chase the-gone-difference. “Forgotten discipline, over riden by emo and lost his direction?”

Mistakes in here.

1. Chase after the crowd.

2. Lost focus.

3. Anxious to fight back the difference.

4. Totally lost of direction.

That I have mention in the early blog that it will suffer even more, if we chase the crowd during opening bell and enter at the wrong time.

Next blog I will show you the well study plans combine with fundamental news.

And how CFD became a Bunch of Scam Monkey that my boss use to say.

Thanks for reading.



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