Trade for Milk Powder. Tips on Collection

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23 October 2018

Updated 7th May 2019


“Would oil go up or remain where the price now or drop even further due to Khashoggi crisis?”


Sorry everyone; I am 50, I hope my schedule will allowed me to post more and faster. I am trading everyday on demo like a pro and taking it very seriously.

You probably think why I don’t trade real money.

Yup, is true. Stupid reason being: “I will be happy to lost in my own trading rather than lost to those Ponzi HYIP program on the web”.

If I trade CFD collecting-difference, I will have a chances to collect something in return rather than fall into these Ponzi HYIP Scam that hold my money and profit when my account grow bigger.

All are the same, they give us stupid excuses that we have to pay for court fee or what ever fee to get back your profit and capital.

I am soon to report to whisperblower and wipe them out for good, since I can’t get back my money.

What you recommend?


Trade for Milk Powder

If you are serious in taking trading as a business. Go have both demo and real account. (I am using plus500 and etoro since 2012).

If you sustain losses today and are anxious to go collect your difference back. Let me tell you: “The end result is NO’ you won’t get them back.”

Don’t be anxious to create more losses when you are flipping, scratching your hair and breath faster than you normally do. ‘Emotional is overiding you now.’

‘If today is a bad day after fail to collect the difference twice.’

Pack up and have a coffee and relax yourself. Think what went wrong. Test your answer on a demo account before and try it on the next day or after.

I am sure you know by now that if you fail twice today, you will end up hitting the desk and lost even more. I am sure you have simillar experience before?

Don’t trade blindly, anxiously trying to collect your difference back.

Trust me you won’t get them back on a bad day.


Don’t Trade on a Bad day, Bad mood day, Can’t stay focus, Something is bothering or something is obstructing your thought. Emotion have overided you.

‘Clear your mind first and come back the next day.’

‘Don’t be an anxious donator to give away your Free precious hard earn difference.’

This are living proof that we observe for past 20 over years and it happen many thousand time to my trainee.


Pre-Market News before being swing till negative.

Last few week market has been volatile and some have said is a October Crash that happen every ten years.

What do you think?

I think is a major price correction. I was hit 3 times last week without stop-loss order being place and lose 300,000 of my hard-to-collect spread difference.

I will touch on how and when should we place a stop-loss order on my coming post.

True fact. If you are serious about doing this business. You must pre-know or prepare yourself before the day start and know what the big guys is going to do for today transaction

Puting yourself in their shoe and what you will do the today before the bell.

Note: We must always remember we are a small collector; the big guys are out there to do their commando-staff; we are behind the scene to collect some difference before and in the middle, like 0:23, 0:28, 0:33 and 0:38

(This are the enter timing that I will touch on the coming post.)


1.) Do not collect the difference from every asset during opening bell.

(Must collect the difference 10 minute before the bell and close position when they start). See figure below.

(Meaning we have to know from every country opening bell that create major move).

Example: China 0900am, Hong Kong 0915hrs, German/Euro 1400hrs, Italy 1505hrs, London 1600hrs and USA Opening bell hour is 2135hrs. (Base on Singapore time).

2.) Do not chase the market.

Opening bell is for the big guys to place order and liquidation; either move up and down very fast and we might be being hit from a bunch of orders that eventually we can’t handle it and faces negativity

3.) Don’t trade for the sake of trading

Just because you needed money for the milk powder and just simply jump on it.

Or get excited when seeing the big price movement.

Please do not carry that mindset with you or else you will end up negativity.

Tips: I have collect my difference today before the US Open. Pre-News have mention that their DJ index will open higher today. I am trading Dax and can still do some collection for my milk powder today.

Below is the plus500 apps that I have been using since 2012. Amazing apps and very easy to use. If you want to collect your different fast. (Those phone call days won’t have this fast transaction benefit. I will touch on how is handle during the 90s).

“80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money”

But what happen next after US Open very next minute? See below chart.

The price fell. (That is the reason why don’t trade while counter already open. You get hit if you chase the price is a different direction). I guess you found out some tip here.

My next blog will highlight on some tips on when to enter and collect the difference fast whenever you see green and is enough to cover your food-on -the -table for the day.

Tangoh and enjoy this piece evryone and happy collection.

Watch “Bazzi – Beautiful (Official Video)” on YouTube

Updated April 3′ 2019

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